Top Ten Books on my TBR Pile for this Summer

Top Ten Tuesday1

Summertime is for reading whether its by the pool or in a shady spot. The plan for my summer is to spend it reading by the pool and reading these books:

1. An Appetite for Violets. I love a good British period drama during my summer. This one looks particularly fun with food and traveling around Europe.

2.  The Witch of Painted Sorrows. What’s a summer with out a thriller? The Witch of Painted Sorrows looks incredibly intriguing.

3.  The Swan Gondola I am so intrigued by the world’s fair. The lights, the sharing of technology and the pure magic of it all. I just love the idea of a romance novel with the fair as a back drop. I just can’t wait to read it.

4  Circling the Sun This book just sounds enchanting. A love triangle in the Africa in the 1920’s. It just begs to be used as a way to pass a lazy afternoon in the pool.

5.The Time Tutor I can’t believe that this came out and I missed it. I loved the River of No Return and I can’t wait to read this cool little prequel.

6.  Crown of Dust Having grown up on the east coast I never got to study California history. So it’s a subject that has always fascinated me. How better to explore it with a mysterious fiction set in the gold mining age of California.

7. The Secrets of Mary Bowser This story sounds absolutely fascinating. I am so intrigued by the rolls that women played in the Civil War, especially the roll of a black woman who spied on the confederate army for the Union.

8.  All the Light We Cannot See This looks like a beautiful story that takes place in the midst of World War Two, where so often people’s stories clashed in either pain or beauty.

9.  Fallen Beauty The story of women in the roaring 20’s who fell prey to the times. It sounds like a lovely late summer evening read.

10.  The color of Water in July What better way to pass a summer than with a family mystery.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the Broke and the Bookish.


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